Mais Cartões Postais para Clara


Dear Clara,

In the last weeks our friend Jane came to visit from New York, and we took her around a little in the area.  She and Marcella went to Matera a while ago, and I am here, doing things with photos and painting, and just thinking.  Marcella returns tomorrow.

DSC00363SMAt the flea market in Modica.DSC00646SM

double balthazarccrpsmFrom a presepe in Modica, it made me think of Bresson’s Au Hazard, BalthazarDSC09045CRPSM

DSC04068 CC SMIbla at night, from near where we live in Ragusa SuperioreDSC00310SMFestival of S. Giorgio, patron saint of IblaDSC00772CCSSM


DSC00689CRPSMThe Duomo of ModicaDSC00489CCSMDry stone fencing of the regionDSC00506CCSMCountry side near Marina di Ragusa – reminds a bit of Alentejo, but olive instead of cork treesDSC04685 CRPSM





DSC00396SMCeiling of storage room in masseria, scarred with the signs of work and life.CAVE COMB1SM

Soon it will be summer solstice, the longest day of the year up here in the northern hemisphere.  I’d guess for some of the summer you are in Cabanas, enjoying the beach.  With Tiago I imagine.  I hope it is wonderful, the water warm, the days long and lazy.

I leave here the URL and password for a film, Nas correntes de luz da Ria Formosa, shot down there, long ago.  Your voice as a small child occasionally can be heard.  It, like Cabanas, is slow and languid.  I will leave it available for a few weeks and then change the password.  I hope you can see and enjoy.

Amo-te, Clarinha !

Teu pai,  jon

PS:  The Vila do Conde festival did not invite the little film I made.  So no visit to Portugal, at least for now.  Here is the URL for that film, in case you’d like to see it:

Mountains as Mountains


LUZ beach boy2

LUZ man clamming2a


Amo-te !



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