Mais Cartões Postais para Clara

DSC09207SMChiesa Collegiata, CataniaDSC09220SM

Cara Clara,

The last week was spent going to Catania to pick up our friend Jane at the airport, and staying in the city a few days, and then to Siracusa (which I first went to with your mother, perhaps in 1996 or so).  Catania is a busy and vivid city, very different from the first times I saw it – earliest in 1978.  As is Siracusa, which was quite run down when there in ’96.  Now, with many of its Baroque buildings restored, it is over-run with tourists and, quite honestly, not so nice.

We’re now back in Ragusa, to show Jane around the area before she and Marcella drive to Matera, and Jane moves along to Rome.  I’ll stay here and paint, work on the film, and do photography.  And hopefully do a final choice and lay out for a book of what are perhaps poems.

Spring is fully arrived, and I would imagine as well in Lisboa.  I hope you are fully enjoying it.   As I mentioned before, there’s a chance of an invitation to Vila do Conde, and if it happens we’ll  surely go and visit Lisboa as well.  I let you know as soon as I hear.


Teu pai, jon


DSC09229SMPalazzo dell’UniversitàDSC09286SM








DSC09337CRPSMChiesa S. NicolasDSC09447S

DSC09612CRPSMDoor of Fascist Building on Piazza BelliniDSC09593CRPSM


DSC09840CRPSMEx-Chiesa di Cavalieri Di MaltaDSC09950CCSM



Amo-te, Clarinha !


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