Mais Cartões Postais para Clara


Dear Clara,

Here are some more pictures – these taken at the Museo delle Arti Orientali and some others from the Museo Egiziano, both in Torino.












And here, Clara, are a few more letters, from back in the period just before your mother kidnapped you from Rome.  I note that she never did any of the things which I asked for, nor returned items of mine, etc.    After the last of these there was no communication until your mother arrived in Roma, and then within 48 hours kidnapped you.  What happened afterward is all described in the letters I sent to you earlier.

I hope you had a good time in Berlin, and are now settled down into working at the film and video academy there in Lisboa.  I will write again soon.


Teu pai,  jon

Subject: Before going to Norway
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 09:40:41 +0200
From: Villaverde and Jost <>
Dear Teresa,

We leave in a few hours and will be back Monday afternoon. A few practical things first:

The Deutsche Bank account is probably almost empty – the last end of Sept accounting posted says there were 2.5 millioni left, and the rent taken out will drop it to almost nothing. This is more or less right on schedule. I am expecting a deposit from payment for my Rotterdam piece of 7 millioni, but it appears it hasn’t arrived yet. So can you please transfer whatever you wish, but at least a few millioni, from Lisboa. Do so immediately.

I think I got the bills paid, though maybe I missed one month (too late) on the electricity, but I guess they will let us know.

As I spent more or less the whole summer and autumn in Portugal, at your request, I ask you to make sure the following is done for me:

Have someone go to your mother’s house and in the storage room (not the basement one, unless they moved things, but the ex-bedroom of Manel’s) and get all the Digital Beta tapes they can find (there are ones of 40  and 60 minutes length, in boxes), and make sure they are all brought here when the production comes to Rome. If someone could go into the back of the under-the-stairway room and find the large oil painting thing I would like that too, but I think it would require emptying out the whole thing which I suppose no one would want to do. Likewise my tripod in Cabanas should come. I will contact the office to ask them to arrange that someone go get the tapes when travelling between Lisboa and Cabanas, but they will need you to organise with your mother getting in, etc.

I am going to tell Alessandro that Clara will not be available for the last scene until (a) the refund on the tickets has been made, and (b) her contract and payment has been made. I will send him the necessary information to do these things.


On your return I would appreciate it if you have the production secure you a hotel (Nuno can do so, or I can reserve a place). The apartment is now almost neat and tidy and I wish to keep it that way; I know you well enough to know that if you stay here even briefly it will promptly become a mess. Thank you, but no. Manuela says there is a nice one room apartment which the school has which may be empty when you return and you could get it. I will go see when I get back from Norway. It costs 1.6 millioni (though it will drop to 1.3 over time, too complicated to explain why here). It is on via della Scala, so quite nearby. If you think you will want it let me know and I will check it out and see when it is available. I doubt that you are going to find a “cheap” apartment in Trastevere. Maybe Testaccio or Monte Verde, but not around here. (Speaking of which, Tonino found himself a house and is buying it, somewhere out further from San Lorenzo side of town.)

Everyone I know here already has been informed that we are no longer living together, and why. Likewise my family. Given the overall situation it seems clear Clara should stay here with me. She likes her room and the house (she says so often), Lolly is down the street, etc., and she likes to be with me. I am happy to give all the time she needs and deserves, as I have the last years. As time goes on we will each have to each make compromises regarding work, where we live, and such things, to minimise the damage inflicted on Clara.

Regarding your let’s-make-it-like-fun-to-have-two apartments, i.e., be deceptive and dishonest with Clara, thank you, but I decline. It is your typical manipulative way of doing things but it antithetical to my sense of ethics. I lived in a family which did such things, and had a first hand view of it. I have observed also your family which also manages things in that way, and I can’t say I find it a pleasant sight. I think such things are far more damaging in the long run (look at yourself, for example) than being honest in the here and now present.  Such deceits as you are proposing take two to tango, and you, Teresa, are by yourself on this one. She will in a gentle manner know the truth, plain and simple. It will be better for her in the long run; doing what you propose will merely lead her in the future to distrust you (which given your customary way of doing things, perhaps she should.)

On an immediate practical level I will be going to Madrid for three screenings leaving on November 1 or 2 (probably the latter) and returning on the 5th. I will be going to the ZKM on Nov 20 or 21 through Nov 29, back on the 30th. Sometime in December I will go briefly to Merano to work on the installation, and I will go to the ZKM again over the Christmas period for another week. Unsure on the dates.  I can and am happy to take Clara for any of these periods, though I think it is better she go to school.

Anyway I must get packed. I will spare you my thoughts on your actions, except to say they are no surprise at all, and in fact were utterly predictable and telegraphed long ago.

I hope your shooting is going well. Please email me the telephone and fax number, and email of the production office as I failed to bring the papers with them listed and I need to contact them regarding Clara’s contract, refunds, and getting the Digital Beta tapes. So please send this information, take care of the bank thing, etc. I will send the
telephone number or whatever in Bergen after I know it.



Date: Fri, 20 Oct 00 11:45AM MET DST
From:Jon Jost <>
To: “Teresa Villaverde” <>
Subject: Re: [call]

Unfortunately I didn’t bring the paper with the numbers on it and I don’t remember them. Send numbers – house, paolos, etc. For some reason the thing with the hotel key doesn’t have the hotel number on it. I will try to get the number today and send. We are in room 846 and it is the Bergen Radisson Hotel.


PS: clara is fine, and we had a nice trip here. Clara says to say she loves

Date: Fri, 20 Oct 00 12:17PM MET DST
Jon Jost <>
To: “Teresa Villaverde” <>
Subject: Re: [more]

about the money don’t worry I will send it. The only thing is that I have to go to the bank myself. Maybe i can make it only monday, but I assume <<

I think the 2.5 millioni did not include taking this month’s rent, but then there should just be enough. The statement was end of Sept, and rent goes out 15th, so I presume it didn’t include this months rent. There was no post from car insurance people, but I will check and take care of when I get back.

I just asked Clara to give me a kiss to send to you, so here is a kiss from Clara.

Don’t ruin your computer with tears. We will work things out OK. Clara will be OK too. Any stay in Bergen will not be until 2002 unless I thought winter but fulltime dark might be more your style than mine! It is quite nice here, a small city, and like being inside a Munch painting light, architecture, foliage, sky. Very nice. It would be 3 months, but not for another year and more. Brad said that the university there, I think it is Duke, which is a major university, is looking for a “star” or two for their academic roster and my name had come up. He said they might be interested in inviting on the kind of terms I could cope with: give some lectures, little or no teaching, fat pay ($100,000 an academic year) and that I could work out so I could continue at ZKM, live in Roma, etc. Sounds a bit too good and I will hardly believe it until I see money in the bank, but in fact that is how universities are these days i America, and I guess in some books I am some kind of star, ha ha. I said he could pass on the word I was interested, so we will see if anything come of it. If such an offer were made I would most surely take it. But we’ll see if this is just pie in the sky.

Anyway I will try to call soon.

Clara wants to run to hotel now.

Good shooting.



Subject: bank info
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 13:15:56 +0200
From: Villaverde and Jost <>


Here’s the bank information


I will be contacting the office today to find out what date you are coming here. If you arrive at some daytime hour I will probably arrange to fly to Madrid in the evening, after I pick up Clara from school. If not, I will be departing in the morning of Nov 2, and will return the 5th.

And as you usually don’t remember, I remind again that I will be going to Karlsruhe Nov 22 – 30th or so. I will fix the final dates later, but it will be more or less that, give or take a day or two at either end of it.


Subject: banks and sleazy productions and schools
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 19:29:35 +0200
From: Villaverde and Jost <>

The SWIFT thing on a DB statement is:
Alessandro is trying not to pay for the tickets which got Clara and I to Portugal in the first place. I don’t understand his bullshit explanation and told him there will be no Clara in final scene unless it is paid. It is about a million 400,000 lira or something (mine was 618,000 and Clara’s was 90% or something.) He paid our return flight, and for my return from Frankfurt, for which I got a discount fare. Anyway I want it paid, and before any further shooting with Clara. It is hard for me to understand quibbling about something like $700, but…

I need to know by tomorrow morning when you will be arriving. If you can arrange to delay shooting, I can take Clara to Madrid and you can go do what you want in Lisboa, though the production should pay for it since my plans were built around the production sticking to schedule. If not, and you will be shooting immediately I guess I can see if Elvira or Manuela can take care of Clara on the 2nd until you arrive. I will have to depart by mid-day.

The school passed out a letter saying they will now have an English class (by request of parents), which I think unnecessary for Clara, and a Body Movement class, which I suppose is some kind of gymnastics, which maybe she would like. It costs an additional 450,000, though it didn’t seem to say if it was per quarter, or the year, or what.

Date: Wed, 25 Oct 00 10:43AM MET DST
From: Jon Jost <>
To: “Teresa Villaverde” <>
Subject: Re: [Re: banks and sleazy productions and schools]


I have to leave no later than midday, Nov 2 and would prefer to leave earlier or evening Nov 1. So try to plan for that.

I think the fee for the “Educazione in Movimento,” I think that’s their title, is for the year or the 3 month period, not the month. No rush to decide, and if need be we can skip it.

When you get here you will find a tidy, cleaned up apartment (though not yet with some new things in Clara’s room, a couch I am going to make, and my editing room fixed, no time just yet) and I ask that for the period you stay here you do your part to keep it that way. If you are unwilling or unable, whatever the excuse – film, tiredness, or whatever – then plan to move to a hotel. I decline any further to be your default maid, and I don’t wish Clara or I to be, by default, coerced into living in a mess.

Shall I ask Manuela about the apartment the school is renting?? I would like to keep the time we share S Rufina as short as possible. Carmen is a the hot spring place near Napoli and when she calls again I will ask her what it costs, etc., in case you want to go there for a bit.

Clara’s basic problem with school is only that she was kept away from it for so long and having spent the summer and September with Papa, she wants, a bit too much, to be with Papa – at the moment she wouldn’t mind school if I just stayed with her. A week and she’ll be back into it. Last night she went to a music thing for children, along with Lolly and another girl, and liked it.  It’s 60,000 a month, so if she wants to continue I think it a good idea for her. She had a lot of fun with Lolly last night afterward.

If you can, either send me Vasco’s number, etc. or you ask on my behalf – I’d like the $1100 he still owes for the DAT recorder; if you pass through Lisboa enroute and can arrange to get it from him it would be appreciated. Ditto the camera. Did Joao Pedro manage to get the money for the harddisk from you?? Or something. I talked to him about it and he said he would try.


Amo-te, Clarinha !


Howard Hodgkin, who died two days ago


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