Lettera para Clara


jon mrixray coll

Dear Clara,

I haven’t written in a while – sorry. I was having some serious back problems from some accidents decades ago, and finally doing some therapy here in Italy, a disk ruptured, and I was quickly in hospital where the disc was taken out. As is normal in such things, was confined to bed, a diet of drugs, and all the usual stuff. I’ve been out now 10 days, recuperating – on my feet, doing exercises, and the drugs. I seem to be healing up well and hope in a month or so to maybe be better than I was before. We shall see.

During that time I had a chance to see the short film you were in, Bunker. It was good to see you in something more than stills. Of the film I didn’t think it really worked – very nicely shot and edited and all that, but whatever it was trying to do, it didn’t work for me. It seemed to want to generate some kind of tension, horror, but it simply didn’t do so. Perhaps because there wasn’t any narrative to hold on to, or perhaps because the filmmaker’s “poetic” sensibilities aren’t formed enough to communicate to the audience. There’s little to say of the “acting” since there was little of it going on; more that the actors were used as props for the light and camera. But I am glad I was able to see it and glad you did it, for the experience.


Watching I was struck by how much you look as I did when around the same age. For you to see just a little, here’s the URL on Vimeo of one of my early films, made in the period before I went to prison.  The film is from autumn, 1964:   https://vimeo.com/45791015.  I have taken off the password for it. (Checking saw I did not properly open the film; now it is on and playable.)


For the next weeks I will be recuperating, and will make the time to write again, picking up your story where I left it off, December 2000.  I was in Lisboa for the month of January, 2001, to see and be with you.  I will write about that in the next letter.


jonDSC00386 sm



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