Parabens, Clarinha

1 large

1. Philip Guston

2 del_sarto

2.Del Sarto

3 Portrait_of_a_Man_by_Jan_van_Eyck-small

3. Jan van Eyk

4 schiele-self-portrait_jpg_780x1379_q85

4. Egon Schiele

5 eakin whitman painting

5. Thomas Eakins (of Walt Whitman,

whose Leaves of Grass  I read to you 19 years ago.

6 VANDYCKJP5-blog427

6. Van Dyke

7 tumblr_mgi66hv4CT1rqt0sfo5_r2_540


8 VANGOGH4-master1050

8. Van Gogh

9 DEGASJP3-articleLarge

9. Edgar Degas

10 INSIDERART1-master675

10. Edward Hopper


11. Gerhard Richter

12 Emil Nolde - Marshy Landscape under the Evening Sky (1)

12. Emil Nolde

13 frankenthaler

  13. Helen Frankenthaler

Richard Diebenkorn "Ocean Park #83" 1975 oil on canvas 100 1/2 x 81 1/2 inches The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC Museum Purchase, with the aid of funds from the National Endowment for the Arts, the William A. Clark Fund and Mary M. Hitchcock 1975.30

14. Richard Diebenkorn

15 hockney

15. David Hockney

16 Jean DUBUFFET, Galeries Lafayette, 1961, gouache sur papier 49x66 cm

16. Jean DuBuffet


17. Teu pai, made for you

XIR157726 Boys Climbing a Tree, cartoon for a tapestry, 1790-92 (oil on canvas)  by Goya y Lucientes, Francisco Jose de (1746-1828); 141x111 cm; Prado, Madrid, Spain; (add. info.: jeune garcon grimpant a l'arbre; tapestry in Real Monasterio de El Escorial); Spanish, out of copyright

18. Francisco Goya

19 rothko1

19. Mark Rothko

Parabens, Clarinha.  19 times around the sun!

It has been 15 since we have been able to be together. 

I hope soon we can meet again.


Teu pai



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