Mais para Clara (Emails 2000)



Cara Clarinha,

Here are the next emails which Teresa wrote, starting on Dec 1, 2000.  The first are simple technical ones about rent, equipment and such things.  This was one month after you had been abducted and kept from speaking with me.



T Dec 1 2000


T & J Dec 8 2000

I note here that the equipment was never returned.

At some point in this period, Teresa finally permitted me to talk with you on the telephone.   This happened always with Teresa near you, listening to what you said.  Perhaps we had three telephone calls.  During the last one you asked me “Would you like to lay on me?”  and “Would you like me to drink you?”  At first I didn’t really understand what you were saying (nor in truth did you know what you were saying) and I asked you to repeat it.  You did so, and I then asked you if your mother had taught you to say these things, and you answered “yes.”   I recall promptly calling my sister Jolly to tell her of this.   And I wrote to others there in Lisbon, to make clear what Teresa was doing to you.  Sadly such things are somewhat “normal” for parental alienators.

In the letter of December 16, you may note that Teresa writes “…. how could you imagine that I would accuse you of sexually molesting our daughter, how can you descend so low?”   It was Teresa who had taught you those phrases and had you say them on the telephone.  And, doubtless prompted by her lawyer to do so, in later legal papers, she did in fact make that accusation.  Again, these are rather conventional things for parental alienators to do.


In Cannes

T Dec 11

T Dec 16 2000

And so Teresa stopped our telephone calls.  By this time I had been informed you had begun bed-wetting, something you had never done, and were showing other signs of being traumatized by the 6 weeks of your mother’s treatment of you.


T Dec 17 Pt1

T Dec 17 Pt2

CLARA12PRO - CopySwimming at Lago Martignano

The email sent on December 16, 2000 was the last your mother wrote before I went to Lisboa, to see you and to attend a “parental hearing.”  I will in the next post here describe for you what happened during that visit.

CLARA15PRO - CopyA few months before you were kidnapped

Bom Ano Novo, Clarinha !


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