Butte to Portland: Snapshots para Clara


We left Butte a few weeks ago, as my friend Marshall had family and friends coming in for the rest of the summer and no room for us all.  Drove quickly to Missoula to visit friends there, and then moved on to Boise, Idaho for a few nights, and then on quickly to Butte.  Little time for photos.  And now here, for another 6 weeks before Marcella and I go on for a brief stay in Jakarta, Indonesia – for a festival where I’ll be on jury, show some films (including Imagens de uma cidade perdida, a portrait of Lisboa) and do a “masterclass.”  Then back to America for stays in Port Angeles, Portland some more, and drifting down with Marcella’s sister coming along, to San Francisco.  And then?   We don’t yet know.  But perhaps to Europe for a while, in which case I’d want to go to Lisboa for a while.  To be able to see you.

Amo-te, Clarinha !

DSC06571 CCRPButte, MT

DSC06710Drummond, MT.



Laurie’s flower garden in Missoula


Laurie and Swain in the backyard, Missoula





DSC06736Larry Taylor’s backyard in Boise, Idaho


I promise the promised letter very soon, Clara.  Travels have distracted far too long.

Amo-te, Clarinha !


2 thoughts on “Butte to Portland: Snapshots para Clara

    • Hi, Yes, I know and have known for some time. However I am blocked, but I have another way to access so at least I can see the occasional new foto and vaguely keep up. Can’t access what “friends” can though (if there is more.) I maintain the blog and it is pretty clear to me she reads it, but still, I imagine under pressure from her mother, hasn’t (yet?) contacted me directly – which is pretty easy to do. Thanks for note.


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